Valentine’s Day – Cynic or Romantic

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Valentine’s Day – Cynic or Romantic
Go ahead… tell us you haven’t had even one cynical, Valentine’s Day-related thought pass through your mind today. Check your Facebook feed lately? Whether you’re a skeptic or you actually believe this is THE single, most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day offers a great chance to raise a glass with your sweetheart.  Here are some possibilities (with a little something for everyone!): “To us and our love- the love that has endured through all the changes and challenges life has thrown at us.”(and there would be a few less challenges if you picked up your socks and underwear every now and then). “To giving our best to each other and to giving the benefit of the doubt when we fall short of that intention.”  (and by “best” I don’t mean grunting “Uh-huh” and “Mmm-Hmm” when I’m trying to talk with you about my day)
“To the memories we’ve created and to all of the memorable times ahead of us.”  (but let’s hope for at least one fewer ER memory this year, OK?)
“To finding strength in the security of a true partner with whom to face the many unknown challenges ahead and to celebrate the many joys.” (and for the record, I’m not counting it as a challenge the next time you freak out about losing your keys when they are in your jacket pocket… or a joy when you find them!!!)
“To you, the love of my life – may you feel as deeply loved as you love me.”(and to ME, the one putting on a smiling face after buying criminally marked up flowers and chocolate and sitting in a cramped restaurant eating off a criminally marked-up, heart-shaped “Special Valentine’s Menu.” If today doesn’t prove I love you, I don’t know what will!!!)
*Still looking for a last-minute Valentine’s gift?
(Because nothing says “Happy Valentines Day” like the promise of a book that will arrive in March!)
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