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Drs. Bill & Ginger Bercaw, along with Dr. Piper Grant, provide 4-day couples intensive therapy sessions (“intensives”) based on their Sexual Reintegration Therapy™ (SRT) treatment model.  The greatest challenge couples face after sexual betrayal is learning how to create the emotional and sexual intimacy that both partners want.  To support recovering couples toward this goal, intensives allow couples to develop the intimacy building skills – in the Living Room and the Bedroom – that have helped countless others to heal their broken bond and emerge stronger than ever.

A Sexual Reintegration Therapy (SRT) Intensive for Recovering Couples is comprised of private therapy sessions, small group processing and topical lectures. Intensives address:

  • Building a Foundation of Trust to Allow for Emotional & Sexual Connection
  • Addressing Feelings of Sexual Inadequacy & Shame
  • Overcoming Sexual “Shutdown”/Anorexia & Sexual Dysfunction
  • Strengthening Communication through Functional Boundaries
  • Integrating Emotional Intimacy with Sexual Intimacy
  • Creating a Customized “Lifetime Blueprint” for Your Relationship
  • Expanding Healthy Sexuality



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