Sexual Reintegration Therapy (SRT)

Sexual Reintegration Therapy (SRT)

As psychologists specializing in treating sex addiction, our jobs require us to work closely with people whose lives have fallen apart. Addiction to anything has that effect, both on the addict and the addict’s family. With sexual addiction, the effects are especially profound. When the addiction surfaces, there is a strong sense that things will never be the same again. That is undeniably true. Another truth is that there is a built in potential for healing that would not otherwise be present were it not for the pain of the addiction. Not all couples choose to rebuild from the ashes. Sexual Reintegration Therapy is for those who do, and then often find themselves wondering, “What should we be doing now?”

We have heard countless pleas for guidance in this area. One woman asked us in her first session, “I wasn’t thinking so much about our sex life when I decided to stay with him – but now I’m realizing how much damage was done. Was I foolish to think we could re-build our entire marriage?” The answer to her question and the many like it we’ve heard through the years rests on two key variables. The first is something we cannot teach: the willingness of each spouse or partner to do whatever it takes to be in recovery. The second is something we can teach: a structured approach to building a new relationship from the ground up. This is the essence of the treatment model we developed for this purpose. Sexual Reintegration Therapy is designed to guide you in how to think about and how to pursue emotional and sexual health in the context of your recovering relationship.

You may be one of the many couples who want desperately to heal what’s been broken. You want nothing more than to say good-bye to dysfunctional ways of relating with each other and to welcome a new way of being in partnership with each other. You want this partnership to be based in trust and intimacy and you want it to flow freely from your living room to your bedroom. Like anything that starts out as an important vision or goal in life, you probably understand that it is only likely to be fully realized with effective planning. The fact is that because of the damage done to the fabric of the relationship, you will need help repairing it and transforming it. Until now, that help has been difficult to find because so little is available for couples in this area.

SRT provides the help you will need. If you have a vision for a better relationship, SRT gives you the plan. For those couples who cannot see clearly how a relationship so deeply wounded can be healed, SRT will offer you that hope.


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