Family & Children of a Sex Addict


Sexual addiction and compulsivity has a significant impact on the addict and their partner, but often what is overlooked in treatment is how sexual addiction impacts the entire family and the addict’s children. It is widely recognized that when sexual addiction is present, treatment of both the addict and their partner is integral to recovery, but research shows that the involvement of the entire family (at the appropriate time and in an age appropriate manner) is invaluable in helping the children understand about things that they have observed between their parents, and to assist in preventing the perpetuation of addiction through the generations.

Children are very perceptive, and can often sense when there is tension and changes in their parents relationship. They may hear the fights, notice the sharp tones when speaking, experience the distance between their parents, or experience the preoccupation of their parents. Children may even accidentally become privy to information of the addiction by finding sexual content, emails, and/or text messages. What we know is that as children experience instability within their home they may begin to exhibit symptoms of anxiety, disruptive behavior, problems with impulsivity, and depression.

Often parents struggle with how much to disclose to their children about what is happening within the coupleship, how to talk about what is happening, wonder what is appropriate, and question if it’s even necessary to share with their children? Disclosing to children anything about sexuality is often one of the hardest conversations to have. With our expertise we are here to help you in identifying what is appropriate to disclose, work with you and your family in healing, and support you in having those difficult discussions.

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