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Beyond the Birds and the Bees

Dr. Ginger


Dr. Ginger Bercaw, Certified Sex Therapist and Sex Educator, creator Beyond the Birds and Bees series hosts a series of Seminars for parents with children.  Event details are below.

This seminar is for parents of girls and boys ages 8 – 10 years old.

The talk will cover:

  • How to become an “Askable Parent” to your child regarding questions about sexuality
  • How to establish yourself as your child’s “Trusted Ally” so YOU are the one your child keeps coming to for information and guidance on all sexual matters.
  • Physical Changes: How to give your children accurate, age-appropriate information about their developing bodies
  • Helping your child develop respect for and positive connection to his/her body
  • Beginning to convey your family’s values around healthy sexuality with your children (Note: The first conversation is not with your kids…)
  •  The HPV vaccine: Should we have our children vaccinated and when should we start?

This event is geared towards parents of girls and boys ages 11 – 14 years old. 

The talk will cover:

  • Continuing to be an askable parent and trusted ally for your child​​
  • Affirming your family’s values around sexuality so your child’s decision-making is grounded in this foundation
  • Teaching your child what healthy relationships involve and don’t involve
  •  Talking to your child about the mechanics of sex.
  • Helping your child feel positive about his/her physical development and sexual feelings
  • Knowing more about the resources schools use for Sex Education in Middle School
  • Talking to your child about rumors of their peers’ sexual activity
  • Protecting your child online and with social media

This event is geared to tow to validate sexual feelings while emphasizing disciplined choices.

The talk will cover:

  • How to help your child deal with sexual peer pressure
  • Is an “abstinence-only” approach healthy or realistic?
  • Maintaining “Trusted Ally” status with your child and encouraging open discussions about sexuality​
  • What to do if your child IS sexually active
  • Keeping your child safe online and with social media
  • Knowing more about the resources being used for sexual education in the high school
  • How do we prepare our children to be safe at parties and on dates?
  • When our child leaves home, what values do we want them to take with them?

Private seminars

Private seminars can also be arranged.

Please contact us with your request.


Restoring Hearts for Couples Conference 2015 (Seattle, Washington)

Drs. Bill and Ginger Bercaw were the Keynote speakers at the Restoring Hearts for Couples Conference on Oct.24, 2015. Over 100 couples attended and participated in the Bercaw’s 6 hour presentation. The following link contains the slides that so many attendees expressed interest in seeing again. Thanks to all the amazing couples who attended and to everyone who helped in organizing this event!

Click this link for presentation slides*: PDF Copy of Restoring Hearts Presentation

*please note, there was some media and videos that were used in this presentation that will not load in the PDF format.

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