Couples & Individuals

Couples & Individuals

why not try here Drs. Bill and Ginger Bercaw are ready and waiting to help if your issues involve:

Sexual Addiction

Online porn, serial affairs, prostitution, cybersex, phone sex, strip clubs, etc. Treatment begins with a detailed assessment to determine whether enough criteria for a diagnosis of sexual addiction are present. Treatment is based on well-established protocols that focus first on intervening on the problematic behavior which clears the path to seeing deep-rooted, underlying issues more clearly. This is a highly structured therapeutic experience geared toward effecting profound changes in how people think, feel and act.

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Spouses & Partners of Sex Addicts

Issues with trauma, trust, anger, control, etc. No, you are not crazy and no, you are not to blame for your spouse’s/partner’s sexual betrayal. You have been hurt in the most painful of ways by someone who promised to be faithful and true to you. Everything you always knew to be true has been thrown into question. You need support and you need it now. Please let us help you as we have helped so many others who have suffered similarly. Treatment with us will meet you where you are at in your stage of grieving and will help you regain your footing, clarify your reality and take care of yourself.

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Sexual Dysfunction / Dissatisfaction

Difficulty with desire, arousal, orgasm; erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, painful intercourse, etc. Many people endure years and even decades of sexual frustration because they are too embarrassed to seek help for something so personal. Others found previous attempts at therapy unsuccessful and resigned themselves to ongoing disappointment. Please, don’t needlessly delay breaking free of your Bedroom obstacles, no matter how longstanding they may be. Every couple that has completed a full course of treatment has achieved significant improvements.

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Marital / Relational Dissatisfaction

Dysfunctional communication; unmet needs; parenting, financial, spiritual, sexual and other reoccurring conflicts. Given how little training you and your partner have had in what it takes to develop and strengthen a relationship that is mutually satisfying, it is not surprising that you would have problems in these areas. You will be amazed at how different things feel in your relationship once you both learn the relationship skill that has been the missing link.

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Issues with self-worth, boundaries, moderation, enmeshment, etc. Codependence has long been associated with lonely housewives doting on their husbands and leaving all decisions up to him. That outdated image must be replaced with the reality that no one is immune from the clinical symptoms of codependence. These symptoms (some of which are listed in italics above) are the result of unresolved emotional trauma. In other words, codependence involves childhood wounds resurfacing and having a negative effect on how you experience adult relationships. When you have been choosing from the “Children’s Menu” of options for thinking, feeling and acting, it is impossible to have an adult relationship. If you are tired of living this way, we know how to help. We draw on our training from Pia Mellody to take you through a powerfully efficient course of Trauma Work designed to help you make lasting changes as you heal from past hurts.

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