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March 2014 – Our Second Book is Published!
Have you ever had something on your calendar, something you just could not wait for, that seemed so perpetually “so far away” that it felt like it would never come?  But then, when the date of your vacation or party or graduation or wedding (or new iPhone) finally arrived, it suddenly felt as if the calendar pages had been rapidly flipped forward, launching you into a state of surreal amazement that your elusive event was actually here. Today is that day for us.
It started about five years ago with a vision born equally from our professional lives as couple’s therapists and our personal experience with the challenges of nurturing the connecting and passionate marriage we wanted for ourselves. These two perspectives spoke clearly to us that it has never been harder to be a couple than it is today. We were at a point in our careers and in our marriage where we knew some things – things that really moved the marital and sexual satisfaction needle, things that we wanted all couples to know.
With that motivation, we set out to create a resource for couples who wanted what we wanted from marriage and for couples facing the same challenges we were facing.  It would offer couples everything we knew about exactly what it takes to pull a struggling marriage out of the gutter and to make a good marriage great.  And it wouldn’t merely talk about such things, but it would provide a clear plan of action, making it as easy as possible for readers to open the book and guide themselves through a powerful, proven, ready-to-use program (CoupleFlow™) that was as comprehensive as it was efficient. We wanted results for our readers – the same kind of results we were seeing in our clients’ marriages and in our own.

We ended up writing the book we wish we could have read earlier in our marriage. It has been a labor of love in the name of love, the same love that all too easily gets obscured by the ever-increasing demands of modern life. We are so thankful to all of you who have been so supportive of our vision for this book, so encouraging of its merit and so patient with the time it has taken.  Our hope is that there is something in this book that supports your marriage, something that helps to reconnect you with the vision of the partnership you want and deserve, something that helps you step outside of the currents of your hyper-speed modern lifestyle in order to intentionally offer the best of yourself to the relationship that matters most to you.  So from us to you…  “From the Living Room to the Bedroom.”

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