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The #Aftersex Trend

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The #Aftersex Trend The #Aftersex Trend Imagine the perfect day with your partner: You spend it enjoying all your favorite activities together — posting every step of the way, of course, this being a modern relationship — and cap it off with a passionate and fun romp in bed. Hey, maybe we should take a picture of ourselves right afterwards and post that too! Welcome to #Aftersex, the latest trend for people who just can’t get enough of their personal life on display. So now, not only do we know when Candace had an amazing dinner with her besties, or when Caleb made the best smoothie ever, we also know within moments of their most recent climax. Now that, our friends, is seriously in the loop! But before we get too cynical, is it possible that this is a form of modern art or perhaps a sweet, tech-enhanced way of expressing love for one’s partner? Uh, possibly we guess. But it seems a lot more like just another way for people to chase the sweet song of public affirmation of themselves and everything they do, everywhere they go and everything they like. The aftersex selfies we’ve seen (and yes, our job does require this kind of research from time to time) skew predominantly toward the twenty-something set. Could it be that millennials have become so fish-bowled (our term) that even during their most private, intimate moments, they’re already thinking of how it’s going to play on Instagram? At a certain point, don’t intimate moments lose their intimacy? On the bright side, the #aftersex movement has spawned some hilarious parodies (see below). Let’s hope this whole thing becomes a forgotten joke before you can say “cheese.”     For more information about living with #aftersex challenges, please click here.   Drs. Bill & Ginger Bercaw Clinical Psychologists, Certified Sex Addiction Therapists and Certified Sex Therapists. Drs. Bill and Ginger Bercaw are the only Licensed Clinical Psychologists who hold both the Certified Sex Therapist Addiction Therapist (CSAT) and Certified Sex Therapist (CST) certifications. ​ 626.375.9483 ​...

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